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 art and photography by
anya veryaskina


Year 2021 marks my 'awakening' from a 7-year hibernation. I am back in my studio, which has been partially cleaned and organised. The other part of it is an organised chaos of "I'll deal with it later", which, to think of it, is a metaphor for my life.


My work variates between impulsivity (finishing in just a few sittings), and the many layers of overthinking (working my way through the ideas, the process, the experimental impulses and the final touches). Such habitual patterns have led to something awesome though - the unveiling of the technique, of my style, my way.


A bit about my background history: I was born in USSR (that's last century) and had an inclination to draw from an early age, ‘figures and faces’ fast becoming a subject of fascination - my first profile sketches being copies of my mum's by-the-phone doodling. 


I went on to study drawing and painting in Moscow and then, at the age of 16, once our family immigrated to Scotland, carried on with art studies in Glasgow, Scotland.

In 1998, by then having spent 4 years in New Zealand, I completed a three-year degree at Whitecliffe College of Art and Design in Auckland, majoring in Graphic Design. Graphics, along with my love for conflicting structure / chaos and sided with a developing interest in photography and montage work, had an unequivocal influence on my painting process.

I'm influenced by the subtle, almost mundane, details of my surroundings. Here, in the Waitakeres, it is by nature. By our garden, the majestic Manukau Harbour, bush, its residents and things that make our home a HOME (also, HOME in a wider sense). I continue to experiment with different mediums and themes, and still incorporate the figurative, sometimes against a better judgement...

Thank you for visiting and shout out if you would like to adopt any of my work (adoption fees apply).

- Anya Veryaskina


Originals and prints - all of my new and some of my older artworks.


My mixed media montage prints are a combination of my own photography, paintings and assembled collages. Each relates to my surroundings and experiences, some with a touch of fantasy/surrealism.

Loud Mind
Morning Evening Walk

Home ~ day-to-day ~ a glimpse ~ evoked emotions ~ goose bumps ~ snapshot... My photo-diary is a tribute to New Zealand. Most of my photo prints are available for purchase. Pop in to view my portfolio of prints and their pricing.

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If you have any questions, would like to learn more about my work, arrange the viewing or purchase, please get in touch!

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