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MARCH 29, 2014 

Open Arts Day (one of 20 participating artists)

Where: Corban Estate Arts Centre, 2 Mt Lebanon Lane, Henderson

About: A full day of arts action, all free! You can meet painters, print makers, fabric and mixed media artists together with well known sculptor Chiara Corbelletto.

SEPTEMBER 2 - 22, 2010

Self-portrait group exhibition at the Uxbridge Creative Centre

Theme: "Through the Looking Glass" -

A group exhibition exploring ideas around the value of self-portraits

Where: Uxbridge Creative Centre, 35 Uxbridge Rd, Howick, Auckland

Curator: Melissa Elliott

Intro: Uxbridge is proud to present this group exhibition looking at the ideas and values behind a self portrait. Featuring Amanda Beddis, Lisa Benson, Nick Cuthell, Bree Dentice, Liam Gerrard, Brendan McGorry, Anya Veryaskina, Stephen Martyn Welch and Susan Wilson.

Title of the painting: Fragments

Medium: Mixed

Dimentions: 1160 x 340mm


Winner 1st place - Award for Portraiture "Tirau Artfest Exhibition 2009"

Title of the painting: Muse (Series)

Medium: Mixed

Dimentions: 250 x 250mm

JULY 10 - 31, 2009 

Winner 2nd place: group "One Size Fits All" exhibition at the Thornton Gallery

Where: 298 Barton Street, Hamilton

Info: Featuring 100's of artists from around New Zealand, this show is based on 25 x 25cm artworks. Sponsored by Gordon Harris.

Title of the paintings: Dreamer Series (V, ll, lll)

Medium: Mixed (acrylics, coffee, glue)

Dimentions: 250 x 250mm

DECEMBER 1-24, 2008

Group "Smalls Exhibition" at the Harrisons Gallery

Theme: "It's a small world (after all)"

Where: 106 Eleventh Avenue, Tauranga

Info: A Christmas exhibition involving hundreds of 10" x 10" canvases by national New Zealand artists.

Title of the paintings: On the eve of... (l, ll, lll) + Dreamer Series X3

Medium: Mixed (acrylics, coffee, glue)

Dimentions: 250 x 250mm

DECEMBER 5, 2008 - 31 JANUARY, 2009 

Group exhibition at the Tairawhiti Museum

Theme: "Scent"

Where: Tairawhiti Museum & Art Gallery, Gisborne

Intro: Ten diverse noses. Graeme Knowles, Cris Van Doren, Anya Veryaskina, Lina Marsh, Moana Colmer, Dudley L Meadows, Melanie Tahata, Jolene Douglas, Kate Lobb, and Owen Mapp. Scent in all it’s myriad forms, photographical, tactile, two dimensional, conceptual – paints, prints, mixed media, sculptures. Each of these artists will pool their sensorial energies into this enticing bouquet.

Title of the painting: Inhale (painting one - female); Exhale (painting two - male)

Medium: Mixed

Dimentions: 762 x 1524mm - both paintings


2008 National Drawing Award exhibition

About: The National Drawing Award 2008, hosted by ARTSPACE, Auckland and The Physics Room, Christchurch.

Where and When: ARTSPACE, Auckland, NZ Website: The Physics Room

Title of the drawing: Insomnia

JULY 2007

Winner 1st prize: Winsor and Newton "Opera Rose Painting Competition 2007"

Competition Requirement: "Opera Rose is a colour that inspires... how will it inspire you? A small squeeze from the tube is all it takes to realise the beauty of Opera Rose. Can you bring out the best of this magnificent colour?"

Title of the painting: "Games"

Medium: Mixed

MAY 2007 

Winner of the "Takapuna Art Supplies Merit Award" in "The Pumphouse Art Awards 2007"

Theme: Modern Dilemma

Title of the painting: "Shall I...?"

Judge: Tony Ogle

Artist Statement: "My painting portraits the complexity of intimacy and the ever-changing concept of courtship in today’s "casual" society, the modern dilemma being the conflict between trust and openness versus the pain and disappointment it is likely to cause."

Judge's Comments: "Anya has created a confronting portrait of a woman who is all attitude - in your face - simultaneously powerful yet vulnerable. Painted with attitude too."


First solo exhibition "Very Well, Thank You..." at the PPg Gallery

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